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Captivoice Webinar

Captivoice Webinar

by Halle Smith -
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Students’ reading has suffered amidst the pandemic. Research has shown that focusing on foundational reading skills can improve reading proficiency. SARA is a reading diagnostic that identifies strengths and weaknesses in both specific foundational reading skills and reading comprehension; because of this, SARA is a useful tool for guiding reading interventions and tracking student progress. SARA is the product of research led by Dr. Sabatini and supported by the U.S. Department of Education’s Reading for Understanding Initiative.

Hosted by Captivoice, Dr. Sabatini led a webinar about what to look for in diagnostic reading assessments and the makings of SARA (also known as ETS ReadBasix). Sean Morrisey, a 5th grade teacher and ELA Standards Leader, demoed SARA and shared his experience.

This webinar also details an opportunity to participate in a compensated study linking SARA and Lexile.