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Upcoming Presentation at COABE

Upcoming Presentation at COABE

by Halle Smith -
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Members from the AdultEd Research team will represent AutoTutor and SARA at the COABE National Conference 2022. In addition, Dr. Sabatini will present with the MAPT and ASAP project. The presentations are detailed below: 

April 11, 2022: Dr. Sabatini, E. Halle Smith, Arthur Graesser, and John Hollander will present “Digital Resources for Adult Literacy Learners and Programs: Reading, Comprehension, and Assessment Tools.” In this presentation, they will overview digital resources being researched and developed by the AdultEd Center from the University of Memphis. One resource is an adult learner assessment system that can be used for placement, diagnosis, progress monitoring, and outcome assessment. Another is the web-based AutoTutor for Adult Reading Comprehension. Finally, they will demonstrate how to access and participate with AdultEd’s website portal, a hub for these resources and further information.

April 11, 2022: Dr. Sireci, Dr. Oliveri, Dr. Sabatini, and Dr. Suarez-Alvarez will present “Assessing Adult Skills Through Technology: The MAPT and ASAP.” In this presentation, they will cover how the Massachusetts Adult Proficiency Tests leverages technology to meet accountability demands. The new Adult Skills Assessment Project - a federally funded research initiative - will identify and assess the most pressing skills adult learners need. They will describe the work on designing customized assessments to support learners’ skill acquisition and validate these skills to align with adult education and workplace settings. A discussant will provide commentary on the two projects and solicit audience feedback.